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May 27-28, 2014 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

International Conference on Civil, Biological and Environmental Engineering (CBEE-2014) 

Prof. Dr. Bulent TOPCUOGLU
Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman

ISBN 978-93-82242-94-9 



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Isolation of Ureolytic and Sulphate Reduction Bacteria: Acclimitize to Concrete Environment
J.M.Irwan, A.Faisal Alshalif, N.Othman, and R.M.Asyraf
2Estimating Monthly Reference Evapotranspiration In Najran Region, KSA, Using S(REG_AR) Model
Ahmed Helmy, and Mohamed A. Dahim
3Variation in Hydrological Responses Estimation Simulations due to Land use Changes
Nor Aizam Adnan, Zuraini Basarudin, and Noorsyafiqah Che Omar
4Impervious Surface Detection and Mapping via Digital Remotely Sensed Techniques
Zuraini Basarudin, and Nor Aizam Adnan
5Experimental Study of utilization of Bacillus subtilis to Improve the Shear Strength of Sand
Yustian Heri Suprapto, Hussein Mroueh, Jean-Marie Lacroix, Edwige Madec, Budi Susilo Soepandji, and Wiwik Rahayu
6Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Stress Behaviors of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Rotating Shaft
M. Sobhani , M.M. Ghaitani, and R. Kolahchi
7Oil and Gas Pipes Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes: Bending Analysis
H.A. Esmaeili, M.M. Ghaitani, and R. Kolahchi
8Elastic Foundation Effect on Bending Behaviour of Oil Pipelines
M.M. Ghaitani, H.A. Esmaeili, and R. Kolahchi
9Effect of Using Crushed Limestone in Concrete Mixes as Fine Aggregate on Compressive Strength and Workability
Ibtehal Salem Fathi
10Larvicidal Activity of Mistletoe Lectin on Lepidopteran Pests: Mechanisms of Action
Mariam Gaidamashvili, and Eka Khurtsidze
11Manufacture of Bread Containing Potato Starch and Whole Potato to Replace the Cereals Bread and Study of Its Behavior during the Conservation
Koïche M., Dilmi Bouras A., Nemar F., Kassoul S., Saiah habbaze A., and Kheddia H.
12Screening for Factors Affecting Cellulase Adsorption from Solutions by Modified Coffee Residues
Aneta V. Buntić, Marija D. Pavlović, Slavica S. Šiler-Marinković, Miona G. Miljković, Slađana Z. Davidović, Katarina R. Mihajlovski, and Suzana I. Dimitrijević-Branković
13Spent Coffee Grounds as Adsorbents for Pesticide Paraquat Removal from Its Aqueous Solutions
Marija D. Pavlović, Aneta V. Buntić , Slavica S. Šiler-Marinković , Dušan G. Antonović , Milica D. Milutinović , Neda R. Radovanović, and Suzana I. Dimitrijević-Branković
14In Vitro Antimicrobial Mode of Action of Cynodon Dactylon (L.) Pers. SPE Extract Against Selected Gram Positive Bacterial Pathogens
Syahriel Abdullah, Januarius Gobilik, and Khim-Phin Chong
15Inflammatory Effects of Imidacloprid on Thyroid Activity in Rats
Leila Saadi, Yasmine Mahboubi, and Rafika Matallah
16Fly Ash Utilization in Soil Stabilization
Dr.Afaf Ghais Abadi Ahmed
17Catalytic Oxidation of Olive Mill Wastewater
Karolina Maduna Valkaj, Ozren Wittine, Andrea Katovic, and Stanka Zrncevic
18Treatment of Textile Wastewater Using Bioadsorbent
Syed Mubashar Hussain Gardazi, Muhammad Bilal, Tayyab Ashfaq, Hajira Haroon, Jehanzeb Ali Shah, Maria Siddique, and Syed Tatheer Alam Naqvi
19The Degradability and Possible Agricultural Application of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Based Superabsorbent Polymer Composites
Shafinaz Jamaludin, and Shahrir Hashim
20Evaluation of Applied Erosion Practices in a Semi-Arid Area
Evaluation of Applied Erosion Practices in a Semi-Arid Area
21Testing of Surface Spoilage Bacteria in Meats by Application of Woolcool® Packaging
Rabya A. Lahmer, Simon Curling, Davey L. Jones, and Prysor A. Williams
22A Hydrodynamical Modelling for Testing Effects of Wetlands Restoration. A Case Study in the Kampinoski National Park, Poland
Ewa Krogulec
23Spicy Taste Rating of Gochujang and its Ripple Effects
Seongweon Jeong, Ku Kyung Hyun, and Jongchan Kim
24The Vegetative Growth and Development of Dracocephalum Moldavica under Different Soil Moisture Levels
Shima Alaei, and Reza Omidbaigi