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Dec. 29-30, 2013 Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia Back

International Conference on Chemical, Agricultural and Medical Sciences (CAMS-2013) 

Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman
Prof. Dr. P. S. Sandhu

ISBN 978-93-82242-56-7



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Remote Sensing and GIS based modeling of crop/cover management factor (C) of USLE in Shakker river watershed
R. J. Patil, and S. K. Sharma
2Hourly Fuel Consumption at Normal Tillage
3An Analysis of Antioxidants Activity in Face Mask with Basic Ingredients of a Watermelon White Rind (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad)
Laila Dhunurain Rochmatika, Hesty Kusumastuti, and Siti Marwati
4Aluminosilicates Assisted Pressureless Sintering of Sialon Ceramics
Azhar Hussain, Matteo Pavese, and Luca Settineri
5Preliminary study on the phytochemical constitiuents of gossypium hirsatum leaves
Chinweuba A.J, Umetali O.P, Otuokere E.I, and Olisa M.C
6A review on clean and efficient technology to generate electricity from coa
Rahul Wadhwani, and Bikash Mohanty
7Antimicrobial Activity and Synergic Effect of Cinnamomum burmannii’s Essential Oil & its isolated compound (Cinnamaldehyde)
Anis Fadhlina Izyani Binti Awang, Deny Susanti, and Muhammad Taher
8Parthenium Mediated Compost versus Parthenium Mediated Vermicompost: A Comparative Study of Nutrition Status
Rajeshwari Sivaraj, P. Rajiv, and S. Narendhran
9Calculation of the Effectiveness Factor for a Porous Catalyst Particle-a Perturbation Approach
Moustafa A. Soliman, and Yousef S. Al-Zeghayer
10Generating The Electricity From Fluegas Produced By Boiler Through A ORC Thermodynamic Cycle (Organic Rankine Cycle) By Using A Shaft Tightness In Turbo-Expander
Omid Rowshanaie, Saari Bin Mustapha, and Hooman Rowshanaie
11Calreticulin Overexpression Suppresses Cell Proliferation and Enhances Apoptosis on Human MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells
Sudha Sellappa, Sree Jaya Jayachandran, and Vinodhini Jayaraman
12Theoretical Study of the Substituent and Solvent Effects on Azide-Tetrazole Equilibrium of 2-Azido-1,3-benzothiazoles
Walid M. I. Hassan, Sabry El-Taher, and Mahmoud A. Noamaan
13Characterization of Electrolyte Layer for Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Nurulhaidah Daud, Care Ven Chan, Nur Azera Tuhaime, Tey Beng Ti, Nor Akmaliza Rais, and Nur Zahidah Syahirah Marzuki
14Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity of Onion Extract (Allium cepa) on Staphylococcus aureus; in vitro study
Mohamed Eltaweel
15Beauvericin in Sorghum Proximate to Nodding Syndrome
Jennifer M. Duringer, A. Morrie Craig, Valerie S. Palmer, and Peter S. Spencer
16Vermicomposting of Water Hyacinth Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart. Solms) Employing Indigenous Earthworm Species
Hemen Deka, Suresh Deka, and C. K. Baruah
17Pathologicl Findings of Experimental Streptococcus Agalactiae Infection in Red Hyprid Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.)
Milud Alsaid, Hassan Hj Mohd Daud, Noordin Mohamed Mustapha, Siti Khairani Bejo, Yasser Mohamed Abdelhadi, Ali Farag Abuseliana, and Ruhil Hayati Hamdan
18Influence of Variation (Ca-Mg)/Al Molar Ratios on Phase Composition of Ca-Mg-Al Hydrotalcite
Eddy Heraldy, Khoirina Dwi Nugrohoningtyas, Fendry Bangkit Sanjaya, Desi Suci Handayani, and Yuniawan Hidayat