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April 24-25, 2014 Phuket (Thailand) Back

International Conference on Agricultural, Environmental and Biological Sciences (AEBS-2014) 


Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman   
Prof. Dr. P. S. Sandhu

ISBN: 978-93-82242-89-5





Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Plant population and nitrogen effects on achene yield and quality of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) hybrids
Amjed Ali, Ashfaq Ahmad, Tasneem Khaliq, Muhammad Afzal, Zafar Iqbal, and Rafi Qamar
2Determinants of Entrepreneurship Decision for Agricultural Business among Graduates In Abia State, Nigeria
Emerole, C.O. Dorcas, U, and Kelechi, C.
3A New Rapid Gas Chromatographic Method for Ethylene, Respirational, and Senescent Gaseous Production of Climacteric Fruits Stored in Prolonged Low Temperature
Muhammad Makky, Konstantinos A. Paschalidis, Peeyush Soni, A. Manganaris, and K. Dhima
4Harnessing Untapped Bio-Ethylene Source from Tomatoes Climacteric Effluent
Muhammad Makky, Konstantinos A. Paschalidis, Peeyush Soni, A. Manganaris, and K. Dhima
5Detection of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium in Milk Sample Using Electrochemical Immunoassay and Enzyme Amplified Labeling
Porramate Chumyim, Patsamon Rijiravanich, Mithran Somasundrum, and Werasak Surareungchai
6Assessing Seed Breeders Recommended Maize Varieties For Southern Zambia: How Small-Scale Farmers Have Adapted
Kabwe H. Mubanga
7Investigation of Impacts of Chevron as a River Training Measure on River Hydraulics
Pooja Singh, and Dr. Nayan Sharma
8Investigation of RCC Jack Jetty as a Cost Effective River Training Structure
Abhigya Shriwastava, and Dr. Nayan Sharma
9The Effect of Nutrients from Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Cage Culture on the Benthic Fauna Assemblages
Tinnapan Netpae, and Bunsang Muangsing
10Assessment of Chemical Speciation and Condition for Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Precipitation from Swine Effluent by Computer Program
Sutha Khaodhiar, Kannika Saeng-Aroon, and Ramnaree Netvichien
11Utilization of Ammonium Bicarbonate as Draw Solution in Forward Osmosis Process: A Case Study of Cooling Water Reuse
Mahisorn Maneechan, Patiparn Punyapalakul, and Aunnop Wongrueng
12Predicting the Economic Values of Sea Level Rise’s Impact on Agricultural Sector at Subang Coast, Indonesia: A Basic Reference for Adaptation and Mitigation Policies
Jimy Kalther, Firdhan Aria Wijaya, Fajar Dwi Noviandri, and Egnas Sukma
13Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas using Dry Desulfurization Systems
Antonio-Abdu Sami M. Magomnang, and Prof. Eliseo P. Villanueva, Ph.D.
14Analysis of 16S rRNA Sequence of Endophytic Bacteria Isolate BS1 from Piper betle [L.] Stem
Maria Bintang, Ukhradiya M. Safira, Dwi Endah Kusumawati, Fachriyan H. Pasaribu, and Tjandragita Sidharta
15Lunar Tidal Rhythms of the Mysid Shrimp (Acanthomysis Thailandica) Population Structure and Reproduction in a Tropical Mangrove, Malaysia
Tueanta Ramarn, Chong Ving Ching, and Yukio Hanamura
16Analysis of 16S rRNA Sequence of Endophytic Bacteria Isolate DM6 from Coleus scutellariodes [L.] Benth Leaves
Maria Bintang, Dwi Endah Kusumawati, Ukhradiya M Safira, Fachriyan H Pasaribu, and Tjandragita Sidharta
17Ambient Formaldehyde Concentration Prediction from the Relationship of Formaldehyde, Ozone and 1,3-butadiene
Paitoon Mueanpetch, Winai Somboon, and Woranut Keotsinchai