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March 17-18, 2014 Dubai (UAE) Back

International Conference on Biological, Civil and Environmental Engineering (BCEE-2014)

Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman   
Prof. Dr. P. S. Sandhu

ISBN 978-93-82242-79-6



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Heterogeneous Fenton Applied to Disinfection and Oxidation of Organic Matter in a Wastewater Treatment Pilot Plant in Mexico
Alethia Vázquez-Morillas, Karen Robles-Estrada, Ana L. Blanno-de la Vega, Abelardo González-Aragón, Maribel Velasco-Pérez, and Margarita Beltrán-Villavicencio
2Oxidation of Organic Matter in Wastewater with Fenton, Photo-Fenton, Photo-Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide
Ximena Vaquero-Hernández, Alethia Vázquez-Morillas, Margarita Beltrán-Villavicencio, Abelardo González Aragón, and Maribel Velasco-Pérez
3Sulfur Removal of Crude Oil by Ultrasound-Assisted Oxidative Method
Hossein Hosseini, and Abdolghader Hamidi
4Prediction of Stress-Strain Behavior for Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Polymers
Hossein Hosseini
5Antimutagenesis Effects of Naringin
Maliheh Entezari , and Fahimeh Ostadzadeh
6Contribution to the Phytochemical Study of Urtica dioïca of Several Sites of Algeria
Waffa Bouali, Samira Bouali, faiza Bey, and Meryem Allioua
7CO2 Permeability through Carbon Hollow Fiber Membranes from Atmospheric Pressure Up to 56 bar
Evangelos P. Favvas, Athanasios Ch. Mitropoulos, and Nick K. Kanellopoulos
8The Effect of Dietary Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on the Antioxidant State and Serum Enzymes Activity in Broiler Chickens during Starter Stage
F. Ahmadi, Y. Ebrahimnezjad, J. Ghiasi ghalehkandi, and N. Maheri Sis
9Thermal Catalytic Oxidation of Toluene by K-OMS 2 Synthesized via Novel Uncalcined Route
Jessa Marie Millanar, Aummara Yodsa-nga, Mark Daniel de Luna, and Kitirote Wantala
10Detection of Prevalence of Toxoplasma Gondii from Iranian Native Cattle
Hamidreza Kabiri, Abbas Doosti, Esmaeil Mahmoudi, and Payam Ghasemi Dehkordi
11Detection of Haemoproteus Columbae in Iranian Pigeons Using PCR
Abbas Doosti, Reza Ahmadi, Zahra Mohammadalipour, and Ali Zohoor
12Treatment of Paper and Pulp Mill Effluent using Sequential Batch Reactor
Ranjith Kumar R, and Subramanian K
13Effects of Global Warming on Critical Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations and on DO Sag Curve in the Nile River
Sherine El Baradei, and Amro El Baz
14Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beams using Recycled Fine Aggregate and Steel Fibres
M.Kaarthik, and K.Subrmanian
15Comparison of UVC Lamp and UVC-light Emitting Diodes for Treating Municipal Wastewater Reverse Osmosis Concentrate
Muhammad Umar, Felicity Roddick, and Linhua Fan
16Significance of Fibres in Enhancing Strength and Corrosion Resistance of Fly Ash Blended Quarry Dust Concrete
Dr. M. Devi
17A Review of High Volume Low Lime Fly Ash Concrete
Dr. Shirish V. Deo
18Non-Destructive Evaluation of an Internal Road of Chandigarh - A Critical Study
Dr. Umesh Sharma
19Numerical Simulation of Compression and Shear Behaviour of Unreinforced Brick Masonry
Selvakumar Viswanathan, Sinthiya Ravi, Thanikasalapradeep Nagarajan, V. Srinivas, and Premavathi Narayanan
20Predicting Visual Pavement Score from International Roughness Index
O. S. Abiola, W. K. Kupolati, and S. O. Odunfa
21Microstructure Examination and Strength Characteristics of Effective Microbed Cement
Noorli Ismail, and Hamidah Mohd.Saman
22Optimizing Construction Crises Management by Fuzzy Logic
Hamid Shafaei Bejestani
23Use of Recycled Asphalt Materials for Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation of Roads
S. M. Mhlongo, O. S. Abiola, J. M. Ndambuki, W. K. Kupolati
24Hospital Wastewater Treatment by Membrane Bioreactor: Performance and Impact on the Biomasses
Mousaab Alrhmoun, Claire carrion, Magali Casellas, and Christophe Dagot
25Examining Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Africa
Suleiman Iguda Ladan
26Processing E-nose Data for Salmonella Enterica Detection in Poultry Manure
Ünal Kızıl, Levent Genç, Tülay Turgut Genç, Shafiqur Rahman, and Margaret L. Khaitsa
27Performance and Emissions of Emulsified Biodiesel Operated Diesel Engine
H. Raheman, and Sweeti Kumari
28Design of Perforated and Non Perforated Modified Atmospheric Packaging unit for Capsicum
Goswami, T. K and Pandey, S. K.
29Bioformulations and Indigenous Plant Protection Measures in Enhancing the Vitalities of Bio-Control Agents for Induced Systemic Resistance Suppressing Asian Soybean Rust in India
Shamarao Jahagirdar
30Interaction Between the Urban and the Physical Environment: GIS Methods for Environmental Engineering Analyses
Laszlo Nagyvaradi, Anita Szebenyi, and Andor Rabay
31Nomuraea rileyi (Farlow) Samson : A Bio-pesticide IPM Component for the Management of Leaf Eating Caterpillars in Soybean Ecosystem in India
R.H. Patil , and C. Abhilash
32Sulphur nutrition in Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merril] in India
J.A.Hosmath, H.B.Babalad, G.T.Basavaraj, R.H.Patil, B.K.Athoni, and S.C.Agasimani
33Performance of Transgenic Bt Cotton Genotypes of Different Bt Events Under IPM Umbrella in Rainfed Situation
S. B.Patil, Badiger Hareesha, and Bhosle, B. B.
34Change and Development in Biological Civil and Environmental Engineering Education in Libya
S.P. Bindra, A. Lawafi, Salem Abulifa, and Gouma M.Al Sauaiah
35Soil Pollution near a Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Site in India
Sruthi Pillai, Anju Eizbath Peter, Sunil B.M., and Shrihari S.
36Bioinformatic Analysis for Anticancer Effects of Flovonoids in Vegetables and Fruits
Mehrdad Hashemi, Newshan Behrangi, and Elnaz Farahani
37GIS as a High Performing Computing Tool for Disaster Management and Control: The Nigerian Challenges
Ibrahim Rafindadi Abdulrahman
38Comparison of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Multiple Regression Analysis for Predicting the amount of Solid Waste Generation in a Tourist and Tropical Area—Langkawi Island
Elmira Shamshiry, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar, and Abdul-Mumin Abdulai
39High Pressure Inactivation Kinetics of Escherichia Coli in Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus Monodon)
Srinivasa Rao Pavuluri, and Barjinder Pal Kaur
40The Nature and Properties of Salt Affected Soil in South Khartoum
Salah Abdelrahman Salih, and Mohamed Abdelmahmoud Elsheik
41Estimate the Radon Concentration for Water in Samtah – Jazan (Saudi Arabia)
Doaa. H. Shabaan, and Tarek. M. Hegazy
42Responses of Eggplant to Pruning Under Irrigation Deficiency
Melis Inalpulat, Levent Genc, Unal Kizil, and Sefa Aksu
43Determination of Paddy Rice Field Using Landsat 8 Images
Levent Genc, Melis Inalpulat, Unal Kizil, and Sefa Aksu
44Adaptation Process of Wild Population of Olive Fruit Fly (Bactrocera Oleae (Rossi) (Diptera:Tepritidae)) into the Laboratory
Hanife Genc
45A Simple Procedure in Designing Dairy Barn Thermal Environment
Sefa Aksu, Unal Kizil, and Levent Genc
46Microbial Degradation of High Endosulfan Concentrations in Carbon Free Media
Dr. Osama El Gialani Elsaid, Dr. Azhari Omer Abdelbagi , and Elsiddig Ahmed Elmustafa Elsheikh
47Awareness on Lighting Energy Saving and User Satisfaction in Residential and Office Buildings
R. Gomathi Bhavani, and Maya Mohan
48Effect of Biomass on Wind Reduction Pattern in BITS PILANI DUBAI CAMPUS
Vivin Karthik, Mohamed Ebrahim, and Dr.Geetha
49Photodegradation of Alachlor Over Fe-TiO2 on Granular Activated Carbon Support under UV and Visible Light
Kim Katrina P. Rivera, Mark Daniel G. de Luna, Totsaporn Suwannaruang, and Kitirote Wantala
50Testing and Evaluation of Indigenous Upland Rice Cultivars in Sultan Kudarat Province
Romualdo M. Ortuost, and Jesusa D. Ortuoste
51Effect of Some Techniques on Long Furrow Irrigation Efficiency
Mohmed Abd Elmohmoud Elsheikh, Abd Elmonem Elamin Mohamed, and Salah Abdelrahman Salih