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Feb. 4-5, 2016 Bali (Indonesia) Back

3rd International Conference on Civil, Biological and Environmental Engineering (CBEE-2016) 
Prof. Dr. Chairil Anwar
Prof. Bülent TOPCUOGLU
ISBN 978-93-84422-60-8


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1A Rapid Assessment of the Water Pollution Status in the An-Shun Urban Drainage Channel, Taiwan
Robby Yussac Tallar, Nikodemus Leomitro, Pin-Han Kuo, and Petr Skada
2Environmental Consequences of Oil Blowout from Subsea Pipeline, A Case Study in the Persian Gulf
Mehdi Shafieefar, and Pooya Ranjbar
3Performance on Used Iron Sand as Concrete Admixture
Gunalan Vasudevan
4Improved Carbamazepine Bioremoval Using A Rotating Basket Contactor Reactor Under Non-Sterile Conditions
Xueqing Li, Renata Alves de Toledo, and Hojae Shim
5Molecular Genetic Method of Assessing Drought Tolerance in spring and Winter Wheat Seedlings
Magash, A.I., V.K. Plotnikov, N.B., Bakaldina, J.B. and Alekseenko
6Integrated Water Conservation and Protection Scheme for Rural Location
Mulpuri Chandrashekhar, and Gauranga Das
7Contribution of Sulfur Dioxide Concentration from Vehicle Emissions at Integrated Campus of Islamic University of Indonesia
Supriyanto, and Andi Wim Ansharullah
8Fungal Coagulant for Reduction of Water Turbidity
Abdullah Al-Mamun, Jebunnessa, Md. Zahangir Alam, and Raha Ahmad Raus
9Experimental Model of Suction Head on Expansive Soil Subgrade with Concrete Wall Moisture Barrier
Maricar, M. Husni, Samang, Lawalenna , Pallu, Muh. Saleh and dan Tjaronge, Wihardi