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June 5-6, 2015 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

International Conference on Chemical, Civil and Environmental Engineering (CCEE-2015) 

International Conference on Medical Genetics, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences (GCMBPF-2015) 

 International Conference of Social Science, Medicine and Nursing (SSMN-2015) 


Prof. Dr. Rahim Ahmadi
Prof. Dr. Bulent TOPCUOGLU

ISBN 978-93-84422-23-3 



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Effect of Starting pH on the Produced Methane from Dairy Wastewater in mesophilic Phase
Bani Kheiredine, Kerroum Derbal, Mosaab Bencheikh-Lehocine, Bouchair Imene, and Kelkel Samir
2Concepts in the Design of Lateral-Load Systems in High Rise Buildings to Reduce Operational Energy Consumption
Mohamed A.M.K. Salem, Sergio F.Breña, Sanjay R. Arwade, Simi T. Hoque, and Nurdeen M. Altwair
3Tumoricidal Effect of O-Carboxymethyl Chitin, N,O-Carboxymethyl Chitosan and 2-Phtalimido Chitin Evaluation with Human Tumour Cell Line
Rym Salah, Djaber Tazdaït, and Nabil Mameri
4Treatment of Leachate by Sorption in Continuous Mode Using Low Cost Material
Arris. S, Bencheikh Lehocine. A.Larbaa, A.Sekhara, and Meniai.A-H
5Temperature Trend Analysis in Urmia Lake Basin Compared with Water Level Fluctuations of the Lake
Shadi Hatami Majoumerd, and Alireza Borhani Dariane
6Technical and Economic Survey on Power Generation by Use of Flaring Purge Gas
Mohammad Heydari, Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, Abtin Ataei and Mohammad Hoseini Rahdar
7Water Boiling Heat Transfer in Vertical Jacketed Pipe: A CFD Model
Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, Abtin Ataei, and Mohammad Heydari
8Water Treatment Experimental Researches for Microbubble Flotation, Coagulation Deposition and Microbubble Coagulation Floatation
Zhekun Li, Yongren Zhang, Yuehong Han, Kanglin Xie, Yujin Fan, and Wenli Shi
9Variations in Forage Quality of Two Halophyte Species, at Three Phenological Stages in marginal rangelands of Meighan playa, Iran
Abbas Ahmadi, Masoud Gomarian, and Hamid Toranjzar
10EDTA-assisted Phytoextraction of Lead from Artificially Polluted Soil by Sunflower Plants
Ramadhan Omer H. Sulaivani, and Hassan A. M. Mezori
11Effect of Some Micro-Catchment Water Harvesting Techniques on Soil Moisture Content
Azmi Elhag Aydrous, Abdel Moneim Elamin Mohamed, Abdelbagi Ahmed Abdelbagi , Salah Abdel Rahman Salih, and Mohamed Abdel Mahmoud Elsheik
12Analytical Determination of Nicotine Content in Tobacco Brands in Libyan Markets
Mabroukah Al-Darmoon, Mohamed Erhayem, and Ragwan Mohamed
13Focus on Atrium Spaces Aspects on the Energy Performance
Tofigh Tabesh, and Begum Sertyesilisik
14An Investigation on Energy Efficient Courtyard Design Criteria
Tofigh Tabesh, and Begum Sertyesilisik
15Safety Evaluation of Nanosilver using Reconstructed Human GIT tissues
Dagmar Jirova, Marketa Dvorakova, Kristina Kejlova, Lucie Kasparova, Daniel Krsek, and Hana Kolarova
16Estrogen receptor binding affinity estimated by QSAR
Hana Bendová, Jitka Sosnovcová, and Marian Rucki
17A Multiple Testing Problem Analysis to Enhance the Safety Foundation Design of the Urban Integral Abutment Bridge
Pezhman Taherei Ghazvinei, Roslan Hashim, and Shervin Motamedi
18Conductive Heat Transfer through a Rarefied Gas Confined Between Two Coaxial Cylinders
Souheila Boutebba, and Wahiba kaabar
19Effect of Physical and Chemical Preparation on Characteristics of Activated Carbon from Agriculture Solid Waste and their Potential Application
Khadija Ahmida, Mabroka Darmoon, Fatma Al-Tohami, Mohamed Erhayem, and Mohamed Zidan
20Detection of FBXW7 Mutations in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for Some Iraqi Patients Using HRM-PCR
Wia am Ahmed Al-Amili, Abdul Hussein Moyet Al-Faisal , Norrya Abdul Hussein, and Khalid Tobal
21Molecular Identification of Salmonella typhimurium from Chicken meat, and Human by PCR
Mohammed.I.nader, Marrib .N.Rasheed, and Hiba .H.Hammed
22Molecular Detection of Aminoglycoside Resistance Mediated by Efflux Pump and Modifying Enzymes in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated From Iraqi Hospitals
Sawsan Sajid Al-Jubori, Heba Ameen Al-Jabiri, and Israa M.S. AL_Kadmy
23Improvement of DNA Extraction Methods by ZnO and TiO2 Nanoparticles
Muntaha R. Al-Jeboory, Majid H. Al-Jailawi, Ayad M. Al-Obaedi, and Shaymaa R. Al-Jeboory
24The Effect of Pediococcus pentosaceus Bacteriocin on Listeria monocytogenes in Soft Cheese
Likaa Mahdi, Sana a AL-Kakei, and Luma Zwain
25Genetic Variations in Women with Insulin Resistance
Mohammad Ateab, Mohammad Nader, and Ismail Aziz
26Cell Uptake of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
Hana Kolarova, KaterinaTomankova, Monika Harvanova, Jana Horakova, Jakub Malohlava, Vera Cenklova, Robert Bajgar, Kristina Kejlova, and Dagmar Jirova
27Boron and Silicon Content in the Hair of Schoolchildren with Endemic Goiter in Oil-Gas Producing Areas of West Kazakhstan
Gulbakit Koshmaganbetova, Khatimа Kudabaeva, Ainur Nuftieva, and Yerlan Bazargaliev
28Intracraneal Hemorrhage in Newborns with Intrauterine Infections
Botagoz Zhekeyeva, Balash Tussupkaliyev, and Akmaral Zhumalina
29Correlation of Urodinamic Parametrs in Disuria in Women Wich Urinary Disoders
Sharipova K.K., Bekmukhambetov Ye., and Kurmangaliev O.M.
30Relation between Spiritual Intelligence and Depression Coping Style in Patients with Cancer in University Hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Science
Safavi M, Yahyavi SH, Fatehi Narab H, and Yahyavi ST
31Effects of Noise Stress on Liver Function
Ghaderi P, Sohrabi MR, Ahmadi R, and Alishahi M
32Contamination of Swimming Pools and Park Ponds to Free Living Amoebae in Tehran – Iran
Mafi M, Niyyati M, Haghighi A, and Lasjerdi Z
33Evaluation of a Novel Adjuvant in Rabies Vaccine Formulation
Hosseini P, Ahangari Cohan R, Shoari A, Shafiee Ardestani M, and Asgary V
34Common Drugs Used in Iran for Allergy Treatment
Behnamfar S, and Azarbajani K
35Effects of Rhamnus frangula Extract on MCF7 Cells in Cell Culture
Shokoohian B, Ahmadi R, Molseghi M, and Mahdavi E
36Common Signs and Symptoms in Patients with Type II Diabetes in Iran
Mohammad beigi E, and Ahmadi R
37Does the Concurrent Training Affect on Plasma Homocysteine Level?
Otadi Kh, Emamdoost S, Faramarzi M, and Otadi M
38Common Signs and Symptoms in Patients with Hypothyroidism in North-Western Iran
Ghane G, and Ahmadi R
39Common Drugs Used in Iran for Asthma Treatment
Azarbajani K, and Behnamfar S
40In vitro Effects of lithium on Human Sperm Motility
Ahmadi R, and Faraji N
41Assessment of Thyroid Absorbed Dose During Breast Radiotherapy with TLD and Treatment Planning Methods and Its Relation with Radiotherapy Field
Heydari F, Anbiaee R, Aghamiri SMR, and Sardari D
42The Effect of Dextran on Chaproning Action on Beta- Casein
Seyed Hosseini B, and Ghahghaie A
43The Effects of Oil Paint Emission on Anxiety in Female Rats
Otadi M, Ahmadi R, Otadi M, Tavakoli P, and Sivashi M
44Eco-friendly biodiesel production from waste olive oil by transesterification using Nano-tube TiO2
Nader Ghaffari Khaligh, Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid, and Taraneh Mihankhah