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Jan. 28-29, 2014 Bangkok (Thailand) Back

International Conference on Food, Biological and Medical Sciences (FBMS-2014)

Prof. Dr. P. S. Sandhu
Prof. Dr. Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

ISBN 978-93-82242-72-7



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Antioxidant Activities of Spray Dried Tamarind Pulp Powder As Affected By Carrier Type and Their Addition Rate
Shridhar N. Bhusari and Pradyuman Kumar
2Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Panulirus Homarus Populations of Southern Sri Lanka and South India Revealed by the Mitochondrial COI Gene Region
Jayan Senevirathna, and Dona Munasinghe
3Test of Effectiveness of Antibacterial of Ethanol Extract of Loranthus of Tea (Scurulla atropurpurea BL Danser) on The Growth of Enterobacter sakazakii
Indah Kurnia Asi Lestari, Khoiron Nazip, and Sri Estuningsih
4Isolation, Screening and Evaluation of Methionine Producing Probiotics on Production Performance of Giriraja Chicks
Nagaraj Naik, N Jaishankar, Udaykumar Nidoni, Mathad P F, Ambarish G, and S K Nanda
5Residue and Dissipation Dynamics of Tetraconazole in Tomato Fruit Using QuEChERS Methodology
A. M. Abdellseid, and Tarek .A .Abd El Rahman
6Indirect Organogenesis and Multiple Shoot Formation from Zea mays Matured Embryos
Nasiruddeen U Matazu, Noor A Shaharuddin, Mohamed R Ismail, Ibrahim K Matazu, and Maziah Mahmood
7Influence Of Biofertilizer Application On Growth, Yield And Quality Parameters Of Jasmine (Jasminum Auriculatum)
N. Jaymma, Nagaraj M. Naik, and K. S. Jagadeesh
8Residue and Dissipation Dynamics of Abamectin in Tomato Fruit Using QuEChERS Methodology
Tarek .A. Abdel.Rahman, and Ali. M. Abdellseid
9Isolation of Methionine Producing Probiotics and Evaluation on Egg Production Parameters in Commercial Layers
N Jaishankar, Nagaraj Naik, Udaykumar Nidoni, Mathad P F, Ambarish G, and S K Nanda
10Medicinal Plants of the Subanens in Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines
Lady Jane G. Morilla, Nanette Hope N. Sumaya, Henry I. Rivero, and Ma. Reina Suzette B. Madamba
11Inhibitory Potential of the Rambutan Rind Extract and Tannin against Alpha-Amylase and Alpha-Glucosidase Activities in vitro
Aree Thinkratok, Nattapon Supkamonseni, and Rungrudee Srisawat
12Quick-and-Simple Escherichia coli Test Strip for Locally Tailor Made Water Quality Information in Community Development and Empowerment Program
Fitria Nurul Mutmainah, Akira Kikuchi, and Romaidi
13The Effects of Hydroalcoholic Stem Extract of Equisetum Arvense on Male Rat RBC Membrane Stability
Shadanyian M, Ahmadi R, Syiavashi M, and Alaee Z
14The Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation on Memory in Male Rats
Tavakoli O, Ahmadi R, and Tavakoli P
15Physical Inactivity Has a Potentially Tumorigenic Effect
Piri Gaygani S, Ahmadi R, Naghavi E, Molaei S, and Tavakoli P
16Membrane Stabilizing Activity of Viscum Album
Nasiri F, Ahmadi R, Siavashi M, Alaee Z , and Mahdavi Edris
17The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Watercress Extract on RBCs in Female Rats
Molaei S, Ahmadi R, Syiavashi M, and Alaee Z
18The Association of Age, Weight, and History of Stress and Caffeine Consumption with Infertility Occurrence in Females
Mohammadi M, Ahmadi R, Soleymani S, and Gholipour Dh
19Evaluation of Acanthamoeba Species from Tehran Surface Water Sources Using Real Time PCR Method
Mafi M, Niyyati M, and Haghighi A
20The Effects of Estradiol Administration on Testosterone Metabolism in Male Rats
Hosseyni B, Ahmadi R, and Yari M
21Laurus nobilis Has Antibacterial Activity Against Staphylococcus aureus
Ghadiri E, Ahmadi R, Moridikyia A , Mahdavi E , and Tavakoli P
22The Effects of Intra-Peritoneal Injection of Adenoviral Vectors Expressing Fibromodulin on Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy
Foroutan jazi M, Biglari A, Mazloomzadeh S, Kingston PA, Tavkoli bazzaz J, and Eskandari M.
23The Effects of Portulaca oleracea Seed Hydroalcoholic Extract on Pain Threshold
Farhadpour F, Alvany A, Khakpour B, Ahmadi R, and Mahdavi E
24The Effects of Testosterone on Serum CPK Level in Male Rats
Eshghjoo S, Ahmadi R, Yari M , Mahdavi S , and Daustani M
25The Effects of Portulaca oleracea Seed Extract on RBC Membrane Stability in Male and Female Rats
Bidhendi F, Ahmadi R, Siavashi M, and Mahdavi E
26Nanoparticles as Adjuvant in Development of Vaccine Formulations
Vahid Asgary, Reza Ahangari Cohan, Omid Kord Mafi, Mohammad Sadeq Khosravy, Rouzbeh Bashar, and Alireza Janani
27Designing New Peptide as Inhibitors of OV-CAR-3 Cell Line
Kafshdouzi Amin M, Gheibi N, Karimipour M, and Rahimi H
28Diet History in Patients with Type1 and Type 2 Diabetes in Eslamshahr-Tehran, Iran
Alinavaz M, Ahmadi R, and Foroutan jazi M
29Experimental Evidence Spotlighting the Physical Inactivity as Risk of Diabetes Development
Ahmadi R, Kassaee M, and Shabanloo F
30Flavonoid Containing Medicinal Plants Applied in Iranian Traditional Medicine for Hemorrhoid Treatment
Ghaderi P, Ahmadi R, and Akbarzadeh T
31Alterations of Blood Glucose and Cortisol Levels after Naloxone Administration in Morphine-dependent Mice
G Sadeghi-Hashjin, A Hosseinzadeh, HA Arab, and MK Koohi
32Nerve Growth Factor Receptors in Cardiovascular Disease
Manouchehr Messripour
33Nutraceuticals: A Re-emerging Health Aid
Shekhar Verma , A.K.Jha, and J.S.Dangi
34Hepatoprotective activity of Euphorbia hirta Linn. Plant against Carbon tetrachloride -induced hepatic injury in rats
S.Dubey, and S.C. Mehta