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Jan. 1-2, 2015 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Back

International Conference on Plant, Marine and Environmental Sciences (PMES-2015) 

Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman
Prof. Dr. Rahim Ahmadi

ISBN 978-93-84422-04-2



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Xylanase Production using Soybean hulls: Effect of Medium Components
Aliyu Salihu, and Md. Zahangir Alam
2Pollen Grain Morphology of Citrus (Rutaceae) in Iraq
Aseel K. AL-Anbari, Sahapat Barusrux, Pimwadee Pornpongrungrueng, and Piyada Theerakulpisut
3Micropropagation of Threatened Betula Species for in vitro Conservation
Mariam Gaidamashvili, Eka Khurtsidze, and Tinatin Barblishvili
4Mitogenic Activity of Mulberry Lectin (Morus alba L.) on Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
Eka Khurtsidze, and Mariam Gaidamashvili
5Functional Anatomical Adaptations of Dromedary (Camelus Dromedaries) and Ecological Evolutionary Impacts in KSA
Mostafa Kandil Soliman
6A Study on Floral Morphology of Camellia japonica L. (Tea Rose) in Sri Lanka
J.H.C.M. Fernando and L.M.H.R. Alwis
7Study of Glutinous and Non-Glutinous Rice (Oryza Sativa) Varieties on their Antioxidant Compounds
Widiastuti Setyaningsih, Nikmatul Hidayah, Irfan Estiono Saputro, Miguel Palma Lovillo, and Carmelo GarcĂ­a Barroso
8Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals via Dietary intake of Vegetables Irrigated with treated Wastewater around Gaborone, Botswana
Alfred Sello Likuku, and Gloria Obuseng
9Bioefficacy of Fungicides and Plant Extracts against Alternaria solani Causing Early Blight of Tomato
Nidhi Didwania, and Deepti Sadana
10Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Association and Its Influence on Arachis Hypogea L.
Rangnath Aher
11A New Species of Gall Midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiideae) from India
S. R. Wagh
12Allelopathic Potential of Celosia and Euphorbia Leaf Extracts on yield per Plant (gm) in Mungbean, Chickpea and Sorghum
R. R. Saswade
13Anticancer Effects of Triterpenoid Extracted From Apple Peel on Human B cell Lymphoma
Mehrdad Hashemi, and Mahmoud Yousefzadeh
14Photosynthetic Rates in Mangroves
Peerapat Wongpattanakul, Raymond J. Ritchie, Werapong Koedsin, and Chanida Suwanprasit
15The Dynamic Aerobic Culturable Microbiota From Coral Niches And Their Antimicrobial Properties
G.Umagowsalya, R.Anithajothi, K.Duraikannu, and C.M.Ramakritinan
16Virulent Factors Of Coral Pathogen Serratia Marcescens Associated With White Pox Disease Acropora formosa, Palk Bay, Southeast Coast Of India
R.Anithajothi, G.Umagowsalya, K.Duraikannu, and C.M.Ramakritinan
17Marine Environmental Monitoring using Biomarkers in Relevance to the Development of Ecological Indices of Gulf of Mannar Costal Region
N.Nagarani, and M.Anand
18Systemic Acquired Resistance Induced by Some Biotic Agents against Downy Mildew of Cucumber Disease
Mostafa A. Amer, Sawsan M. El-Abd, Sahar F. Deraz, and Nehal A. Zaid
19Optimization of Sterilization Method And Callus Induction Of Cocos Nucifera Linn. Var. Matag from Inflorescence
Zawawi Dhiya Dalila, Abu Bakar Mohd Fahmi, and Abd Kadir Siti Nurkhalida
20Fish Catch and Nutrient Limitation in the South China Sea
Yafeng Zhang, and Kedong Yin
21Organic Carbon in the Sediment of Cockle Culture Area at Bandon Bay, Thailand
Chanakarn Sukudom, and Jintana Salaenoi
22Hydrogen Sulfide Distribution in Sediments Collected From Cockle Farm at Bandon Bay, Thailand
Thongthip Wongsin, Kangsadan Boonprab, Yuuki Okamoto, and Jintana Salaenoi
23Three Species Zonation of Sonneratia; Based on Salinity, in River Calik, South Sumatera
Hanifa Marisa, and Sarno
24Seasonal Influences Size-Fractionated Chlorophyll a in Aquaculture Area at Bandon Bay, Thailand
Bussaya Plongon, and Jintana Salaenoi
25Environmental Condition of Cockle Farm in Bandon bay, Gulf of Thailand
Janchay podfueang, Bussaya Plongon, and Jintana Salaenoi
26Sediment Quality in Cockle Culture and Non-Cultured Area at Bandon Bay, Thailand
Jintana Salaenoi, Chanakarn Sukudom, Thongthip Wongsin, and Soranut Sirisuay
27Synopsis of Biodiversity and Distrebution of Macrophytes Along the Suez Canal in Time and Space
M.S. Farghaly, and G. A. El-Shoubaky