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Dec. 23-24, 2014 Dubai (UAE) Back

International Conference on Earth, Environment and Life sciences (EELS-2014) 

Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman
Prof. Dr. Rahim Ahmadi

ISBN 978-93-84422-02-8



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1How Radiotherapy for Cancerous Breast May Put the Opposite non-Cancerous Breast at Risk?
Heydari F, and Sardari D
2The Effects of Oil Paint Vapor on Leukocytes and Platelet Count and MCV, MCH and MCHC in Rat
Hooshmand M, Ahmadi R, Siavashi M, and Mohammadi S
3Serum Triglyceride, Cholesterol and Fasting Blood Sugar in Male Rats Exposed to Oil Paint Vapor
Karami S, Ahmadi R, and Siavashi M
4The Effects of Prolonged Darkness Phase of Photoperiodic Cycle on Serum Levels of Creatine Kinase and Alkaline Phosphatase in Female Rats
Manafi M, Ahmadi R, and Molaee S
5Association between Domestic Violence and Married Women Mental Health in Bookan, Iran
Shekarbeigi A, Ramazani N, and Bookani S
6The Effects of Traffic Noise on Serum Levels of LDH in Male Rats
Rahimiyan E, Ahmadi R, and Gohari A
7In Vitro Effects of Propranolol on Human Sperm Motility
Ahmadi R, Hajighorbani M, and MasaeeManesh M.B.
8The Effects of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Xanthium Strumarium on L929 Tumor Cell Line
Sahebi-Asghar R, Kassaee M, Ahmadi R, and Tavakoli P
9The Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation on Serum Levels of Creatinine in Male Rats
Asgari M, Ahmadi R, and Gohari A
10Health Belief about Mammography among Aacademician Women in Chamran University of Ahvaz
Moballeghi Z, Hatef nia E, and Najar SH
11Comparing the Proteome of Squamous Cell Carcinoma versus Normal Esophagus to Find Molecular Markers for Recognition of the Disease
Najafi Z
12Effects of Noise Pollution on Thyroid Function in Rat
Ramazani N, Ahmadi R, Akbari Sh, and Mohammadi S
13The Effects of Estradiol on Acetic Acid Induced Pain in Writhing Test in Female Mice
Farahmandlou N
14The Effects of Origanum vulgare Extract on Ovary Morphology and Histology in Immature Trichogaster trichopterus
Naji T, Bagheri S, and Hosseinzade Sahafi H
15Long Term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation and Stress
Ahmadi Tameh A, Ahmadi R, and Gohari A
16The Effect of Bioglass Nanoparticles and Strontium Component on Tensile Strength Of Polycaprolactone/Bioglass Electrospun Nanocomposites
Mansooreh otadi
17The Effects of Gasoline Vapor Inhalation on Pain Threshold in Male Rats
Mohammadbeigy E, Ahmadi R, and Mehdi Araghi A
18CTX-M-15 in Gram-Negative Bacteria Isolated from Afghanian Refugees in Iran (2012-2013)
Hamedani P, Fallah F, and Goudarzi H
19The Effect of a Concurrent Training on Rest Level of Leptin in non-Athletes
Otadi Kh, Emamdoost S, Faramarzi M, and Tavakoli P
20Analysis of Knowledge and Attitude of Cattle Ranchers Towards Artificial Insemination in Dairy Cattle (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Province, Iran)
Solieman Rasouliazar, and Saied Fealy
21Dynamic of Reproductive Qualities of Japanese Quails
Suleiman Saidu, Grigoriy Afanasyev , Lubov Popova, Aleksie Komarchev, and Umar Ibrahim
22Regulation of Second Messenger Signaling in Hypoxic Neonatal Rats: Effect of Glucose, Oxygen and Epinephrine Resuscitation
Thoppil R Anju, and Cheramaduthikudiyil S Paulose
23Microblological Quality Assessment of Meat Samples Sold In Kaura Namoda
Tijani Ahmed Olayinka, and Jumare Sani
24Physico-Chemical Characterization of Two Jams Cows Milk Fortified with Apple Pectin and Citrus
Acheheb Hakima, Rabah wahiba, and Moussous wahiba
25Linkage Model between Sustainable Consumption and Household Waste Management System
NiLuh Widyaningsih
26Locating Suitable Sites for Construction of Underground Dams through Analytic Hierarchy Process
Farid Dorfeshan, Mohammad Heidarnejad, Amin Bordbar, and Hasan Daneshian
27Green Buildings
R Navaneethkrishnan Nambiar
28A Future Prospect for Domestic Waste Management in Qatar
Nasser Ayoub, Farayi Musharavati, and Hossam A.Gabbar
29A comparison of vegetation composition within and surrounding gravel borrow pit sites around Gaborone, Botswana
Israel A. Legwaila, Gaone T. Thebe, and Tebogo Selebatso
30Natural Abundance of the Tomato Leaf Miner Liriomyza Bryonia (Kaltenbach) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on some Winter Host Plants in Alejelat Region, Libya
M.O. Albasha, and A.R. Elkhouly
31Zeolitic Mineral Liner as Hydraulic and Buffering Material
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda, and Innocent Mandla Msibi
32Predicting Desiccative Degradation of Stabilized Soil Using Regressive Models
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda, and Innocent Mandla Msibi
33Buffering of TOC-Contaminant Using Natural Clay Mineral Liner
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda, and Innocent Mandla Msibi
34Nanotechnology; Advancements and Concerns in Construction Industries
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda, and Innocent Mandla Msibi
35Study of Longtime Soil Formation on Overgrown Quarry on the South of Kazakhstan
Bakhytzhan Yelikbayev
36Flood Vulnerability Classification of Lafia Township, Nasarawa State, Nigeria
W.T. Ayuba