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Conference Venue

VIP Executive Zurique Hotel is Strategically located next to the financial and business centre of Lisbon, and just a few minutes from the historic centre and Lisbon International Airport, the VIP Executive Zurique Hotel, has 252 rooms that provide maximum comfort to a practical but demanding tourist.

The Hotel has leisure spaces, such as a bar, an outdoor swimming pool (seasonal) and a gym, as well as the restaurant “O Infante”, with natural light and a capacity of 120 people. It also has two private car parks - outdoor and indoor.                             


VIP Executive Zurique Hotel 
Rua Ivone Silva, 18 | 1050-124 Lisboa - Portugal
Telf.: +351 217 814 000     Fax: +351 217 937 290 
Hotel Email: res.zurique@viphotels.com 
Hotel Website: www.viphotels.com

GPS Coordinates: 38° 44' 35.14"N | 9° 9' 0.19"W

(The accommodation charges are NOT included in the registration fee mention above)


For more details please visit: https://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions-/lisbon-p-lisb-lisb.htm